Free NY from Fossil Fuels!

See What Big Oil & Gas is Planning for our State

Explosive Hazard

A surge of more “bomb trains,” stretching up to a mile long and filled with highly flammable oil from North Dakota’s Bakken and Canada’s tar sands, will pose a catastrophic risk in the event of an accident. Such trains already carry six million gallons a day along the Hudson River — enough to fill three ocean-going super tankers. Read more on Stopping Bomb Trains.

Treacherous Cargo

For the first time, barges would ply the Hudson River filled with millions of gallons of heavy crude and tar sands oil, threatening devastating spills that are virtually impossible to clean up. The river’s vital fisheries, wildlife habitats and our own drinking water will all be at stake. Read more on Increased Oil Shipping on the Hudson.

Pipeline Peril

A sprawling web of new and expanded pipelines — carrying fracked oil and gas to other states and foreign markets — would fragment New York, imperiling our forests, farms, waterways and homes with toxic pollution and poisonous spills. Noisy, above-ground compressor stations — needed to keep the gas pressurized —  would spew dangerous pollutants linked to a multitude of health problems, including cancer, diabetes and infertility.

This fossil fuel invasion will enrich oil and gas companies while impoverishing the rest of us — destroying our climate, smothering local economies, and poisoning our land and water. It’s time for citizens to mobilize and stop them.

Catskill Mountainkeeper helped lead the fight for the historic ban on fracking in New York. Now we need your help to build on that momentum and defend our state from more pipelines, bomb trains and explosive oil barges.

Your gift will help Catskill Mountainkeeper fight on a dozen different fronts — educating, organizing, advocating and litigating — to Free New York from Fossil Fuels and win a clean energy future for our state.


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