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On Wednesday, April 10, President Trump signed an executive order attempting to fast-track permits and approvals for oil and gas pipelines in a direct attack on states’ rights to block dirty and dangerous fossil fuel projects. If he gets his way projects like the Constitution Pipeline--a pipeline that would have damaged important rivers, streams, and wetlands in New York while threatening drinking water quality for thousands of New Yorkers--could be approved.

New Yorkers will not stand by and let the President fast-track pipelines that should not be built, and Catskill Mountainkeeper will fight to protect our communities, just as we did when we fought in the streets and in the courts to stop the Constitution Pipeline before. 

Dear Kelly --

The clock is ticking. We can’t wait for good, green jobs, healthy air and water, and a just transition off of dirty and dangerous fossil fuels. That's why Catskill Mountainkeeper is joining our friends and allies in Albany on April 9th to call on the legislature to pass the Climate and Community Protection Act this legislative session.

We need to show that there’s a mass movement of people who want bold, equity focused climate legislation NOW.

Join us for a #ClimateJusticeCountdown day of action in Albany, on April 9, to demand our legislators bring the CCPA to a vote!

We know the votes are there: a majority of New York State Senators have signed on as co-sponsors, and the New York State Assembly has passed this bill three times. But there’s still a risk they won’t bring the Climate and Community Protection Act to the floor.

Plastic bags kill. That sounds like a drastic statement, but it's true--when plastic bags get loose in our communities, they strangle wildlife, are ingested by fish and other animals, and break down into microplastics that pollute waterways and food sources, causing illness and death. These bags are made from petrochemicals--oil and oil derivatives, which are produced using highly polluting drilling and chemical processes. Call New York State Assembly Speaker Heastie today at 518-455-3791 and tell him you support a plastic bag ban with a disposable bag fee.

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