Winston Farm

The proposed development of a massive resort at Winston Farms – a pristine  800-acre parcel of undeveloped land in Saugerties, NY – stands to jeopardize the health and safety of nearby residents. This priceless environmental resource provides safe refuge for wildlife, an opportunity for local residents to connect with the natural world, and lies above an aquifer that may hold the key to the Town of Saugerties drinking water concerns. The reservoir that supplies Saugerties with drinking water is straining to meet the town's needs, and many residents are considering tapping into this nearby aquifer to supplement its supply. However, any contamination to this aquifer resulting from the grab bag of inappropriate development projects proposed for Winston Farm would be effectively irreversible, and render its water unsafe to drink. Mountainkeeper’s Program Manager Kate Hagerman, emphasized that “The developers are envisioning a massive commercial development that would destroy intact habitats on the site and could impact drinking water, species of concern, and communities further downstream to the Hudson.”


Site plans for the Winston Farm development

If allowed, the proposed development of a huge resort on this relatively unscarred land would be an ecological and public health disaster. In addition to the increased noise, water, and air pollution that would be generated by activities at this proposed resort, development of this land would mean clearcutting trees to make room for 200 acres of parking lots and roads, and 175 acres of monoculture lawns. The future of this potential environmental disaster has not yet been determined, and Mountainkeeper is keeping a close eye on the process and advocating for protection of this special piece of land. We are always wary of large-scale developments on open spaces in our region, especially those that threaten the health of our communities and ecosystems. 

To learn more about what’s at stake, watch our new film, What’s at Stake at Winston Farm, which highlights the significant impacts of development on the delicate ecosystem at Winston Farm. You can also learn more at the links below and please visit, a website developed by a group of over 200 concerned Saugerties residents.

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