Hurleyville Repair Café

What do you do with a broken toaster? Or with a bike when the wheel runs out of true? Or with a sweater full of moth holes? Toss it? No way!

Catskill Mountainkeeper is pleased to announce that we will be organizing and hosting the first ever Repair Cafe in Hurleyville, NY. Starting on Saturday, February 4th, from 10 am to 4 pm stop by the Mountainkeeper office (220 Main St., Hurleyville), with anything that needs fixing. We’ll have volunteer experts on hand who will be able to help repair anything, including but not limited to bikes, toys, clothes, appliances and electronics. This service is completely free and volunteer driven!

By facilitating repairs, Mountainkeeper aims to reduce the mountains of waste that end up in our landfills. We often forget that there are two other ‘R’s in the consumption cycle–the first being to ‘Refuse’ unnecessary products, and the second to ‘Repair’ products we already have. When we incorporate these principles into the ways we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we can make great strides in mitigating our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable lifestyles. 

Repair Cafes are also important to bring community members together under the shared goal of sustainability. When we see our neighbors helping each other and lending their expertise to mend our broken items, we strengthen relationships and discover a side of our community we might not have been aware of.

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