Conversation on a Changing World with Rahwa Ghirmatzion

In October 2020, Mountainkeeper was excited to have our second Conversation on a Changing World, hosted by Juliette Bennett and featuring Rahwa Ghirmatzion of PUSH Buffalo. In this conversation, Rahwa introduces us to PUSH's model of community organizing, shares how PUSH is changing the face of Buffalo and NYS, gives tips for orgs starting down this path, and fills us in on what's inspiring her these days. Check it out!


Conversation on a Changing World with Bob Thurman

In September 2020, Mountainkeeper was excited to have our first Conversation on a Changing World, hosted by Juliette Bennett and our own Ramsay Adams. We had this conversation with the legendary Robert A.F. Thurman, renowned author, academic, and expert on Tibetan Buddhism. The discussion covers a lot of ground, including the roots of the climate crisis and how we can approach solutions. Bob is one of former Vice President Gore's climate ambassadors and an amazing activist. Enjoy!


Regional Solutions: Transforming Our Food System in New York State

Watch our July 2020 panel on regional solutions for transforming our food system! This panel featured Gabriela Quintanilla - Western New York Coordinator of Rural & Migrant Ministry; Elizabeth Henderson - co-chair of the Policy Committee of the Northeast Organic Farming Association; Alice Diehl - a local dairy farmer in Sullivan County; Wes Gillingham - Associate Director and co-founder of Catskill Mountainkeeper; and Eugene Thalmann - Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Callicoon Farmers Market and Catskill Mountainkeeper's Food & Agricultural Advisor.


Clean Home Comfort with HeatSmart

Want to learn about how you can heat your home without fossil fuels? Check out our webinar from June 2020!


Pollinator Webinar

Check out our April 2020 webinar where we discussed our short film 'Save the Pollinators' with a panel of experts and answered questions from attendees watching live!


Fight the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is an invasive pest threatening to decimate our forest ecosystem. Watch our July 2018 short film to learn more about what the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is, and how you can help stop it.


Save the Pollinators

Our award-winning new short film, Save the Pollinators, not only highlights the importance of pollinators for human survival, but also offers tangible actions you can take, right now, to protect these critically important creatures. The film features the efforts of local advocates, activists and farmers who have dedicated their lives to protecting pollinators.


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