Worms, Waste, & Wonder: The Hows & Whys of Composting

In April of 2021, Mountainkeeper joined with Cornell's Waste Management Institute, White Feather Farms, and Greenway Topsoil to discuss the ins and outs of composting. It was a fantastic discussion ranging from backyard composting to municipal composting and large-scale systems. Check it out!


Neonic Insecticides: Threats to people, pollinators, & the planet

Neonicotinoids are toxic insecticides meant to kill pests, but they actually poison the plants, land, and water they touch. Neonics are a main killer of bees and birds, and research increasingly points to their ability to harm humans.
Check out this webinar from April 2021, featuring experts on this topic to learn more about the chemicals, how and why they're used, how they impact people and the world around us, and what you can do about it.

Catskills 2021: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Park

On February 9, 2021, Catskill Mountainkeeper, the Catskill Center, and the Catskill Park Coalition convened a top-notch panel of New York State leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the park in 2021. The engaging conversation ranged from funding priorities to high use issues, and panelists identified lots of work to come. Check it out now!

High Use & Overuse in NYs Forest Preserves

Visitors and locals alike are concerned about the intensive use some of our Catskills trails and swimming holes saw during the summer of 2020. To address this, Mountainkeeper pulled together an expert panel to discuss what was happening in the forest preserve and how we can approach some of the problems. In November 2020, Rocci Aguirre of the Adirondack Council, Andy Mossey of the Catskill Center Ingrid Peterec of the US National Park Service, and Katie Petronis of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation joined to share their unique perspectives about how to protect our natural resources while welcoming visitors to the forest preserves.


Conversation on a Changing World with Tim Guinee

In November 2020 Mountainkeeper had an excellent Conversation on a Changing World, hosted by the smart and talented Juliette Bennett and featuring Tim Guinee, actor and activist extraordinaire. In this conversation, Tim talks about speaking across issue and party lines, and shares stories about how he entered the world of activism. Check it out!


Conversation on a Changing World with Rahwa Ghirmatzion

In October 2020, Mountainkeeper was excited to have our second Conversation on a Changing World, hosted by Juliette Bennett and featuring Rahwa Ghirmatzion of PUSH Buffalo. In this conversation, Rahwa introduces us to PUSH's model of community organizing, shares how PUSH is changing the face of Buffalo and NYS, gives tips for orgs starting down this path, and fills us in on what's inspiring her these days. Check it out!


Conversation on a Changing World with Bob Thurman

In September 2020, Mountainkeeper was excited to have our first Conversation on a Changing World, hosted by Juliette Bennett and our own Ramsay Adams. We had this conversation with the legendary Robert A.F. Thurman, renowned author, academic, and expert on Tibetan Buddhism. The discussion covers a lot of ground, including the roots of the climate crisis and how we can approach solutions. Bob is one of former Vice President Gore's climate ambassadors and an amazing activist. Enjoy!


Regional Solutions: Transforming Our Food System in New York State

Watch our July 2020 panel on regional solutions for transforming our food system! This panel featured Gabriela Quintanilla - Western New York Coordinator of Rural & Migrant Ministry; Elizabeth Henderson - co-chair of the Policy Committee of the Northeast Organic Farming Association; Alice Diehl - a local dairy farmer in Sullivan County; Wes Gillingham - Associate Director and co-founder of Catskill Mountainkeeper; and Eugene Thalmann - Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Callicoon Farmers Market and Catskill Mountainkeeper's Food & Agricultural Advisor.


Clean Home Comfort with HeatSmart

Want to learn about how you can heat your home without fossil fuels? Check out our webinar from June 2020!


Pollinator Webinar

Check out our April 2020 webinar where we discussed our short film 'Save the Pollinators' with a panel of experts and answered questions from attendees watching live!


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