Late last night, Governor Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Heastie, and Senator Stewart Cousins came to a historic agreement to fight the climate crisis. The Climate and Community Protection Act:

Sets the highest standards in the US for cutting emissions
 Invests 35%-40% of climate $ in frontline communities
 Supports workers in transition

The bill will come to a vote in the next few days, and we need your help to make sure it makes it across the finish line. You're the reason we've gotten this far--PLEASE: call your legislator now. Tell them to make sure the agreed upon bill comes to the floor for a vote. They can't leave Albany without it.

Your calls matter! When I'm in the Capitol I hear from legislative staff that the calls are coming in and your words are making a difference. Keep them up! Call your legislator today!!!

Thank you for all you do to fight the climate crisis.


Katherine Nadeau, Deputy Director

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