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Catskill Mountainkeeper is working with the New York State Green Schools Challenge to support schools going green.  Schools are large consumers of paper products and electricity.  The average secondary school produces roughly 48lbs of waste per student per year.  Primary schools produce even more waste, averaging about 100lbs per student per year.  Most of this waste comes from paper and food waste, and most of it goes into landfills instead of being recycled and composted.

Catskill Mountainkeeper is also working to install solar power in schools in the Catskills to reduce energy costs and teach students about renewable energy.  We are partnering with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.  This program has the further benefit of serving as an environmental model for the whole community.

By promoting environmental awareness in schools, we are not only tackling our immediate carbon and consumption problems, we are educating a future generation of concerned and environmentally aware citizens.





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