There is a major disconnect in our national discourse and public policy agenda. The oil and gas industry is using more extreme and dangerous methods to extract every last ounce of fossil fuel from the earth, even as scientists have clearly and definitively proven that mining and burning fossil fuels is the major reason why our planet is warming. Fracking for natural gas, just one of the extreme methods that is being used to extract fossil fuel should be banned for many reasons, but most importantly because it perpetuates an energy model that is impractical, unsustainable, and is the primary cause of climate change.

Global Warming Words

Catskill Mountainkeeper is committed to advancing a dialogue that  informs and educates New Yorkers about climate change and what we can do in our region to ensure that our planet continues to be able to support life as we know it.

To reach as many people as possible, we have launched two new programs under the Climatekeeper umbrella: “Renewable NY” and “Save Energy, Save NY”.

Climatekeeper Clear Cutting

“Renewable NY” focuses on educating New Yorkers about why we need to make the change to clean, practical and now affordable renewable energy technologies; connects people and businesses with renewable energy solutions and supports New York State legislative policy to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

“Save Energy, Save NY” focuses on implementing system-wide conservation by providing information about energy usage and consumption so we can lower our carbon footprint.  Conservation is critical, because making the shift to renewable energy sources alone will not be enough to mitigate climate change.  Our efforts include supporting NY State policy that favors conservation and encouraging energy saving practices in regional municipalities.

In this Climatekeeper section you will also find information about the dangers of going down the path of false energy solutions such as fracking, nuclear power and industrial biomass that are touted as “clean alternatives”, but whose implementation will only divert us from making the shift to renewables that must be made now to ensure the long-term health of our planet.

Please use the information in Climatekeeper to educate yourself about climate change and its consequences, and then join us in implementing solutions and spreading the word.