We're in the Climate Fight of Our Lives - We're in it to Win. Join Us in NYC 10/13.

Earlier this week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations’ scientific panel established to guide world leaders on climate change issues, released a report. And it’s not good news.

According to these climate experts from more than 195 countries, we have 12 years before we hit a tipping point with no return – meaning, 12 years to move our economies from fossil fuels to renewable energy. As a society, we have made unthinkable leaps before. It’s time to dig in--there is no going back and there is no backing down. We need to raise our standards and expectations about what our leaders can and should do on our behalf.

This is our moment to shine. Right here in New York, we can pass the Climate & Community Protection Act and get our state on the path to 100% renewable energy.  Join us this Saturday, October 13, in New York City for an in-person 100% renewable energy campaign training. Register here.

Catskill Mountainkeeper and NY Renews are ready for this fight. NY Renews is a coalition of nearly 150 local, statewide, and national environmental, climate justice, labor, and community organizations fighting for what New York  truly needs--100% renewable energy and massive investments in our communities to fund the just transition we need and deserve.

The policies we’re advancing with NY Renews are the answer to our climate problems:

  • Make the shift to 100% renewable energy enforceable by law
  • Support environmental justice communities disproportionately impacted by climate change
  • Invest massively in renewable energy solutions
  • Protect workers as we transition to a renewable economy

On Saturday, October 13 you’ll learn more from our partners at NY Renews about these proposals and how YOU can go out and make the change we need. Please join NY Renews--register here.

The IPCC report is scary. It’s dire. It’s real. But, as Auden Schendler and Andrew P. Jones said in the New York Times, “We could order in Chinese and lock ourselves in the closet, but we shouldn’t. Because there’s good news: We’re perfect for the job. If the human species specializes in one thing, it’s taking on the impossible.”

Catskill Mountainkeeper and NY Renews are ready for this fight. Will you join us?


Wes Gillingham
Associate Director, Catskill Mountainkeeper

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