Historic Victory in New York

New York made global history this week when we moved a monumental piece of legislation that will make us leaders in the response to the climate crisis. Under this law, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, by 2050 all of our electricity will be fossil-fuel free, we’ll have drastically cut harmful air pollution, and we’ll be investing in natural climate solutions while moving towards climate justice. Email key legislators 
today and thank them for supporting the bill.

None of this would have been possible without the work, dedication, and determination of the 180+ organizations that make up NY Renews, and the leadership demonstrated by the bill's sponsors Assemblyman Steve Englebright, and Senator Todd Kaminsky. The bill includes Governor Cuomo’s targets for producing 70% of all electricity by renewables and getting 100% of all electricity off fossil fuels, and he has called the bill “the most aggressive climate change legislation in the nation.” We’re excited for him to sign it into law.

Catskill Mountainkeeper is so honored to have been part of this fight. As a member of the NY Renews Steering Committee since 2015, we’ve put our hearts and souls into making this, the most progressive climate policy in the nation. We’ve helped to craft the bill, build the coalition to support it, rallied, testified, and worked in the halls of Albany advocating for the bill’s passage. You have sent thousands of emails, made hundreds of calls, shown up for hearings and rallies, and your voice has been heard. Thank you!

Catskill Mountainkeeper's efforts have been featured on Spectrum News, in City & State, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, on WRVO radio stations, and in an op-ed in the Albany Times Union.

There’s still so much to be done to fulfill the goals of climate justice and to make this bill’s ambitious plans a reality. Catskill Mountainkeeper looks forward to that work, and today we’re taking a moment to thank the elected officials who’ve helped get us this far.

Finally, thank YOU again. We would not be here without a sweeping movement fueled by your efforts. I look forward to continuing to work by your side as we build on the CLCPA’s framework.


Katherine Nadeau, Deputy Director

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