GlidePath Proposes Battery Storage Only Alternative to Lincoln Park Project

February 1, 2019

Catskill Mountainkeeper Applauds Local Community and Regional Leaders 

on Demanding Path Toward Renewable Energy Project

Town of Ulster, NY -- After more than a year of environmental review and staunch public opposition, GlidePath has significantly revised its controversial proposal for battery storage and a natural gas “peaker” plant (gas-powered intermittent energy generator) at Lincoln Park in the Town of Ulster, near Kingston in Ulster County.


While proposed as a grid-stabilization facility, with a 20MW battery array capable of providing four hours of back-up power to a distribution network that includes parts of New York City, the project initially proposed included back-up generating power from fossil-fuel sources and therefore drew ire from the local community and from regional leaders, including Ulster County Executive Mike Hein and City of Kingston Mayor Steve Noble. The new project removes the fossil-fuel generation and sites an alternative battery storage only project next to an existing county-owned solar array in the Town of Ulster.

"This new proposal shows the power of engaged citizens to change the shape of a conversation, an environmental review, a proposed project, and indeed, our future," said Dr. Kathleen Nolan of Catskill Mountainkeeper, a regional advocacy organization that supports renewable energy. "Every community should be seeking desirable projects from companies capable of providing renewable energy generation and storage, and every community should mount opposition to fossil fuel projects that pose unacceptable risks to our air and water. We look forward to reviewing this new proposal from GlidePath, which heads in the right direction and offers benefits to our local towns and region, while strengthening our entire energy system."

The revised proposal will continue its formal environmental review, with additional opportunities for community participation.



Dr. Kathleen Nolan, Research Director
[email protected]

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