December 1, 2020--Today’s action to stop the dangerous fracked LNG proposal at Gibbstown, NJ, is to create a Twitter Storm--a flurry of tweets--so that the DRBC governors and their Twitter followers will see opposition to this project all day long. There's more info about this project at the bottom of this email if you're looking for some background.

You can help make our Twitter storm a success in the following 4 ways:

  • Write your own tweets using the handles and hashtags in this post once you click "Read More".
  • Use our “click to tweet” links or copy and paste the sample tweets in "Read More"! (You can also add photos we’ve provided below to your tweets.)
  • Search on #DRBCNoLNG in Twitter and retweet the tweets in the search results. (Click on the “Latest” tab to see the most tweets.)
  • Check out the sample tweets below for tweets that you can copy and paste. Though they have times with them--we're working to get out as many of the same tweet at the same time--feel free to use any of them if you're seeing this another time.

Click "Read more" to check out twitter handles, hastags, and sample tweets and join the storm!

CLICK TO TWEET: If you’re too busy to draft a tweet, simply click these links to send one!
Governor Murphy
Governor Cuomo
Governor Wolf
Governor Carney

TWITTER HANDLES OF TARGETS: (Note: If you begin a tweet with an “@”, you must precede the @ with a period to bypass a filter that limits visibility. If the @ is in the middle of your tweet, no period is necessary.)


HASHTAGS: (Use the first one in every tweet. If you have space for a second, choose from the others.)
#DRBCNoLNG (Official hashtag for the day)


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