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The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a hard-hitting report earlier this month that left no room for interpretation: unless we drastically change course in the next 12 years, we will lock in the worst climate change scenarios. We cannot continue building out climate-wrecking fracking operations and infrastructure. And we cannot allow our leaders to commit us to a dangerous fossil fuel past: we need bold leadership that moves us to our renewable future.

That’s why we need you to sign our petition calling on Governor Cuomo to vote for a complete ban on fracking and all its related activities in the Delaware River Basin.


Sign the Petition Today!

Your signature will let Governor Cuomo know that citizens who support the fracking ban in New York call on him to use his authority and power to extend the ban everywhere he can. The stakes are so high: fracking and its activities in the Delaware River Basin would put this natural treasure and drinking water supply for more than 17 million Americans at risk. And allowing big oil and gas companies to spew climate-changing pollution into the air to haul fresh water and fracking wastes is the wrong way to go.

Please, sign our petition now. Tell Governor Cuomo we call on him to lead--and we’ve got his back. The Delaware River Basin Commission must ban fracking and all its related activities.


Wes Gillingham
Associate Director

P.S. Mountainkeeper needs your support in this urgent fight, and this is an especially good time to consider a gift to help power our team. Right now, thanks to a challenge grant by a generous anonymous donor, your gift to support Catskill Mountainkeeper will be matched on a one-to-one one basis, doubling its impact in protecting the Delaware River.


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