Vote Like Our Children’s Health Depends On It

Dear Friend --

Clean air, clean water, access to the outdoors, and healthy food are the backbone of children’s health. They’re also our core values at Catskill Mountainkeeper and the driving force behind all of our campaigns. We work with each of you and all of our organizational partners every day to bring these goals to life. But we can't be successful if our elected officials don't share our values. So I’m asking you to do one thing: vote.

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There are candidates running for every level of elected office who are on a mission to protect our air, water, and health--check your local newspaper for voters’ guides and vote for the candidates that reflect our shared values.

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization, Mountainkeeper doesn’t endorse candidates, and we work with elected officials of every political stripe.

As an organization rooted in our work to fight climate change, protect the Catskill Park and region, keep fossil fuels in the ground, provide healthy food for our communities, and build our renewable future, Mountainkeeper sees first hand, every day, how critical it is to have leaders who will put the policies in place and invest the funding needed to bring this vision to life.

Again, find your polling place and make the time to vote tomorrow, November 6. Our children’s health and future depend on it.

Thank you,

Ramsay Adams, Executive Director

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