BREAKING: National Environmental Madness Needs Your Action at Home

Today’s a hard day. Our president just released an executive order that puts our lives at risk so that his cronies in the fossil fuel industry can make another buck—he’s giving away our clean air, clean water, and hard fought climate change regulations for profit.

But we have an opportunity to fight climate change here at home. With one phone call, you can make a difference—call Governor Cuomo and tell him to keep fighting back against President Trump’s lunacy by keeping climate programs and funding in the New York State budget (1-518-474-8390).  


In D.C. the President announced a review designed to repeal the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan—the plan to bring the US in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. The presidential order would also direct the EPA to withdraw its rule capping greenhouse gas emissions from new and reconstructed power plants, and to remove methane rules for new oil and gas infrastructure.

In contrast, our State Assembly advanced a budget proposal that includes climate action legislation to codify and expand Governor Cuomo’s goals of reducing greenhouse gases, provide desperately needed funding for communities hit hardest by climate change, and to put renewable energy projects on the fast track while weaning New York off fossil fuels. This is a concrete step in the march away from fossil fuels and catastrophic climate impacts, and a direct rebuke to the President’s actions. ACT NOW: Call Governor Cuomo and tell him to keep climate programs and funding in the budget (1-518-474-8390).

It is not every year that we see this kind of bold leadership in the budget. We need Governor Cuomo to continue to lead as he did by speaking out today against the executive order, banning fracking, supporting electric vehicles, and spurring an 800% growth in solar power in the past five years alone.

He needs to hear from us and make this our State’s environmental home rule, truly standing in the face of national opposition. This a time when we should be investing even more in a renewable future, and a lack of action here isn’t an option—there is truly too much at risk.

This week, as budget negotiations come to a close, please call Governor Cuomo’s office: 1-518-474-8390, and let him know that as a Mountainkeeper supporter, you thank him for speaking out against the president’s executive order, you know that climate change is real and you want to a final budget that addresses climate change, and includes more funding for climate change-fighting programs awarded more funding.

Thank you for your time and support!

Ramsay Adams
Executive Director

P.S.  As always, Mountainkeeper is honored to work with you to spur change here at home. Your support is a critical component to our success. Every donation, and every dollar helps. If you’re not already, please become a donor today.

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