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Having seen the coverage in the River Reporter about your group, I was intrigued in lots of ways, but specifically because I believe if we the people don't take charge, we can kiss our beautiful area goodby. I am personally watching what I consider crime in action in my town. I live in Mountaindale, a "hamlet" of the town of Fallsburg. Out town supervisor has recently decided to alter the zoning plan presented to the town board by residents who worked as volunteers for 18 months developing a comprehensive plan. In an interest to appease the orthodox developers, Mr. Levine has decided to allow them a lot of leeway to develop what looks to a lot of us like the beginning of a new Kiryas Joel. If you haven't had the good fortune yet, please drive by Alpine Estates at the foot of the Kiamesha Hill (Fallsburg side) and on Brophy Road where it meets the Town of Hurleyville. Despite an uproar by the citizens, the Board is actively courting the seasonal residents for their block vote. If anyone has any ideas of how to help, please let us know. Our (terrible) roads and limited water and sewer will be overwhelmed by this growth

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