An incredibly important article from The New York Times, E.P.A., Citing Coronavirus, Drastically Relaxes Rules for Polluters,” shines a light on a huge new threat to our health and the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)--the federal agency tasked with safeguarding our nation’s water and air--is aiding and abetting polluters by allowing them to, “determine for themselves if they are able to meet legal requirements on reporting air and water pollution.” Now it's up to our federal representatives to hold the EPA accountable.

Tell your Representatives: Make the EPA do its job

I am outraged by this brazen attempt to use the COVID-19 crisis as cover to roll back bedrock protections for our air and water. As citizens across the United States come together to fight a global pandemic, the agency that’s supposed to ensure that the water we drink and air we breathe won’t poison us, is instead abdicating its responsibility in an unprecedented giveaway to corporate polluters.

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We cannot allow this to happen, and I urge you to demand that our federal representatives act now to force EPA to do its job. If the EPA allows polluters to dump toxins into our water and air unchecked, our own federal government will be setting the stage for the next public health crisis. Without clean water to drink and clean air to breathe, we won’t beat COVID-19. This is the time to double down on the robust enforcement of those essential protections for our health and the environment, not gut them under the pretense of responding to the pandemic.

Please email your representatives. Tell them to make the EPA do its job. We won’t stand for this attempt to let polluters use COVID-19 as cover to advance their agenda at the cost of our health.

Thanks for standing with Mountainkeeper as we fight this outrageous proposal.


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