Stop the Constitution Pipeline!

Big Oil and Gas wants to construct the Constitution pipeline through our state to carry fracked gas from PA to the highest paying markets. If built this pipeline will destroy acres of forests, clear cut over 700,000 trees, and cross over 277 waterways. TAKE ACTION to stop it!

This is a critical moment in our fight to free New York from fossil fuels. Big Oil and Gas wants to construct the proposed Constitution pipeline through our state to carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania to the highest paying markets, including Canada, where it can then be shipped overseas for huge profits.                                                                                          Heli_J._Hyman_Photo_6426_2.jpg

If built, this pipeline will                                                                                                             

  • destroy over a 1,000 acres of forests and fertile farms,

  • clear cut over 700,000 trees,

  • cross over 277 waterways in upstate New York,

  • threaten the health and safety of our communities 

  • open the door for pipeline corporations to seize land from New Yorkers through eminent domain.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has jurisdiction over this inter-state pipeline and has conditionally approved it. But New York State has the power to stop it! Under section 401 of the federal Clean Water Act, the pipeline cannot be built unless our Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) certifies that the state’s strict water quality standards will not be violated.

There is no possible way to tear through the sensitive hills, forests, wetlands, and streams where this pipeline is proposed without threatening water quality and degrading aquatic habitat. To do its job the DEC must deny the 401 Water Quality Certificate.

Please CLICK HERE to send your message to Governor Cuomo and the Acting Commissioner of the DEC asking them to deny the water permits and Stop the Constitution Pipeline


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