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Since 2015 Catskill Mountainkeeper has made powering your home with solar energy easier and more affordable. Through our RenewableNY program we've helped more than 775 households across the state go solar. Today I'm writing to tell you about New York State's exciting and newly launched Solar for All program. Solar for All provides eligible households the opportunity to subscribe to community solar at no cost. Free solar energy for eligible households!!

Community solar allows you to benefit from solar with no equipment required. Solar panels are installed at a site located in your community rather than on individual roofs. The generated electricity is then fed into the local power grid, increasing the amount of available clean energy while decreasing fossil fuel emissions. You will continue to receive electricity from your current utility provider with no need to install or maintain equipment on your home or property. By subscribing to the community solar project, you will receive credits for the solar produced on your monthly electricity bill and reduce your payment.

Solar for All allows eligible customers to:

• Join the program without paying upfront costs, fees, or payments to participate.
• Enroll in a trusted community solar projects program supported by NYSERDA and New York State. • Obtain a free subscription to a local community solar project.
• Gain access to solar regardless if you own or rent.
• Receive solar energy without installing or maintaining any equipment on your home or property.
• Keep the same local utility provider without making any changes.
• Cancel the subscription at any time without penalties or payments.

By participating in the program, customers will:

  • Receive monthly solar credits that can save you money by lowering your electric bill.
  • Lower your home’s carbon footprint and contribute to the economic growth of your community.
  • Join other New Yorkers who already take advantage of the benefits of clean energy. 

You may be eligible:

  • If you pay your own utility bill and receive utility or federal assistance (such as the Home Energy Assistance Program), you may qualify for Solar for All.

Learn more about Solar for All at or call 1-877-NYSMART.

Please check out this great new program and forward this email help us spread the word! Making renewables accessible to everyone supports New York's clean energy economy and moves us toward our 100% renewable energy future.

Thank you for all you do to fight climate change.

Deputy Director

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