August 14, 2020 - Join Catskill Mountainkeeper and more than 125 other organizations and say “NO” to a proposed fracked liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal in Gibbstown, NJ that would pose serious environmental, health, and safety risks in the Delaware River Basin and beyond. We’re calling on the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) to reverse its misguided earlier decision to approve this dirty and dangerous terminal, and fulfill its duty to protect the region’s ecologically and economically important resources. DRBC could vote on the facility in an upcoming meeting. Your voice matters now, more than ever.

As the project is now proposed, fracked gas from northern Pennsylvania will be liquefied and sent 200 miles through rural and urban communities on bomb trains and bomb trucks to the new terminal in Gibbstown. This threatens health and safety throughout the entire region, exposing residents to air pollution and the threat of highly explosive trucks and trains running through their communities.

This project poses significant threats to the Delaware River, with negative impacts to water quality, habitat integrity, and the vitality of the many species that live in and depend on the Delaware River, estuary, and bay. The terminal wharf and related dredging threatens local endangered species, like Atlantic sturgeon and shortnose sturgeon, as well as other wildlife. If the fracked LNG terminal is approved, one of the last remaining pristine areas in this part of the Delaware River will lose its most valuable natural resources.

After arriving at the terminal, the plan is to ship the LNG to Puerto Rico and Ireland, where communities are actively fighting against import terminals that will accept the climate-changing LNG. This project is yet another example of this desperate industry trying to create new markets for fracked gas, which they have drilled at the expense of people, communities, and the land in the Marcellus shale region.

Your voice matters in the fight to stop this disastrous project. New York State’s Governor Cuomo is a voting member of the DRBC, and he needs to hear from you. Sign the petition today--tell Governor Cuomo and the DRBC to say NO to the proposed LNG terminal.

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