Let's Keep Talking About Food Systems!

Many thanks for taking part in Mountainkeeper's recent food system webinars. We hope you enjoyed the conversations and Q & A with our experts panelists, and gained some new insights into the challenges and opportunities in transforming our food systems. We're writing to follow up: would you like to revisit any part of the conversation, or did you miss the second event? You can find the June 29th webinar online here.

Many of you asked how else you can help; here are some links and ideas to keep the momentum going: 

  • The more people who learn about the issues and opportunities in transforming our food system, the more change we can create. Will you help expand the discussion by forwarding this email to at least one person so they can watch the webinar recording?
  • You can learn more about NOFA-NY and join their mailing list to stay up to date on agriculture projects happening across the state.
  • Learn more about Gabriela Quintanilla's work and how to be an ally to farmworkers and foodchain workers on the Rural Migrant Ministries website
  • For additional background, here is an article that helps to explain the dairy crisis. Though it was written in 2018, it offers a very helpful expansion on the topics discussed by our panelist Alice Diehl, dairy activist and farmer.

Let’s keep asking questions about how we can create justice, equity, and sustainability in our food system. We appreciate all of your support and hope you will become part of our food system's vital transformation!

And if you can, please make a donation to support Catskill Mountainkeeper's work on farming and food. No gift is ever too small, and every contribution will directly support this important work.

With thanks,

Iris Fen Gillingham 
Program Associate
Catskill Mountainkeeper

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