Join us to protest proposed liquefied natural gas port

On August 16th please join us to show Governor Cuomo that we draw our line in the sand
against building the Port Ambrose Liquefied Natural Gas Project!

The Port Ambrose Project is proposed just 19 miles off the coast of Long Beach, Long Island. It would be an explosion and pollution threat to Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island coastal communities; pose significant risks to the ocean ecosystems and all activities related to them;  increase global warming;  and impede the prospect of offshore wind energy development in the same location. 

Come stand with the Rockaway communities, businesses, and elected officials who would be most directly affected by the project to tell Governor Cuomo to VETO PORT AMBROSE!

Sunday, August 16th at 4:30 p.m.
At the Surf Beach, Rockaway Park, Queens, NY
(between B. 88th and B. 91st Streets)

We will use art, photography, music, postcard writing, and petitions to direct the message to Governor Cuomo to protect coastal communities and veto PortAmbrose!

Let us know you're coming and learn more here. Hope to see you Sunday! 

Directions: Subway-S-Shuttle to Holland Beach 90th station
Bus: Q52 to Rockaway beach Blvd and 88th street bus stop.

Background Information:

The fight to prevent NY from becoming a fossil fuel distribution center 

Right now, federal authorities are considering a proposal to build the Port Ambrose LNG Project, a deep water liquified natural gas import facility near New York Harbor, at an offshore site between Jones Beach, NY and Long Branch, NJ.

Approval of the project will introduce a host of serious threats to our coastal communities and ecosystems, and deny New Yorkers the choice of other more responsible and sustainable energy projects, such as the Long Island – New York City Offshore Wind Project that has been proposedfor the same 
stretch of ocean.

The Port Ambrose Project has been proposed by Liberty Natural Gas LLC, which specifies in its application that the facility would be for importing LNG from abroad. However, with the abundance of natural gas in the United States, record low domestic gas prices, and higher gas prices overseas, Liberty would have strong incentive to eventually apply to convert Port Ambrose into an LNG export facility.

New Yorkers should have a choice about whether we proliferate the infrastructure for dirty, climate change causing fossil fuels, or build infrastructure to accelerate the move to clean, renewable energy.

Approval of the Port Ambrose LNG Project would further shackle us to our dangerous fossil fuel past, and could ultimately encourage increased pressure to frack in nearby states like Pennsylvania to produce more natural gas for export.

As a possible alternative, the Offshore Wind Project would generate 350 megawatts and could be expanded up to 700 MW – which would make it the largest offshore wind project in the country. 

The Port Ambrose LNG Project is an inherent threat to our safety and security, and could be a target for terrorists.

In contrast, the Offshore Wind Project would increase Long Island's and the Rockaways' resiliency in facing a future extreme weather event.  In his research, Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford University found that wind turbines could reduce peak wind speeds by up to 92 mph as well as decrease storm surge by up to 79 percent.

The Port Ambrose LNG Project would threaten the coastal and oceanic environment and exacerbate climate change, given that LNG has a carbon footprint 40% greater than domestic shale gas, which is already up to 120 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.  The coastal communities located closest to Port Ambrose would likely bear the brunt of those impacts. 

At even 40 percent of capacity, the 350 MW wind farm could generate approximately 1,226,000 megawatt-hours per year, which is enough energy for about 112,000 homes.

The bottom line is that approval of the Port Ambrose LNG Project would deny New Yorkers the ability to chose other, more sensible energy infrastructure development projects like the Offshore Wind Project.

The Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the US Coast Guard (USCG) will soon make a decision about whether to approve the Port Ambrose Project.  If these agencies approve Port Ambrose, Governor Cuomo will still have the power to veto it.

Please call the Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390 to tell him to veto Port Ambrose.


Here's a link to an installment of the great short film series "Love NY: Don't Frack it Up", highlighting the potential impacts of Port Ambrose on the communities of the Rockaways.

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