December 18, 2008, The New York Post: Hunter Mountain Celebrates 50 Years


Posted: 2:54 am
December 18, 2008

IT just keeps coming.

Snow and more snow is being dumped on ski areas from the Catskills to the Green Mountains with 3-6 inches falling in this latest storm and more predicted for tomorrow and Sunday.

This sets up great skiing and riding for the Christmas holidays.

After last weeks mention of Killingtons anniversary, our old buddy at Hunter Mountain, Jerry (Two Ls) Villanova, reminds us that Hunter is also in the midst of their 50th anniversary celebration.

The Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl will kick off the festivities Jan. 10. They say the party will continue for 365 days, ending Jan. 9, 2010. In between, there will be lots of parties, events, contests and competitions.

Hunter has been owned for these 50 years by the Slutzkys, who built the mountain trails then purchased it from a group of Broadway folks who built the place as a private playground.

Hunters owner and head of the family, Orville Slutzky, has spent most of that time mastering snowmaking to enhance conditions during Catskills winters.

The resorts first trails were named after New York City streets and locations. The resorts claims to fame, providing the largest singles location between New York and Montreal, and being the "Snowmaking Capital of the World" have drawn skiers and riders for all over the tri-state area.

Hunters snowmaking capabilities and recovery rates are famous with Hunters snowmaking team being called on many times to assist other mountains and events in snowmaking.

"The 50th Anniversary celebration is a one of past, present and future," said Russ Coloton, President of Hunter Mountain. "It is rare to find a family-owned and operated business that has remained as such since its opening. Fifty years of successful operation is something to be proud of in any and all industries, and we'd never be here without our guests."

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