GREAT NEWS -- Constitution Pipeline Put on Hold

The energy giant behind the dangerous Constitution Pipeline has announced that it is delaying the opening of the fracked gas pipeline until 2017. This delay is a major victory for citizens fighting those pipeline companies that would run roughshod over New York’s communities and environment. We need your help to kill the Constitution once and for all. Please consider making a gift to help us go to court!


Cabot Oil & Gas ran smack into reality and finally acknowledged that it cannot move ahead without the necessary water quality certification from the state Department of Environmental Conservation -- a permit we’ve been fighting tooth and nail.

This delay is a major victory for citizens fighting those pipeline companies that would run roughshod over New York’s communities and environment. Last December, I alerted you that Cabot was going all-out to secure the water quality permit so that it could cut down more than 700,000 trees over the winter.

Mountainkeeper activists responded in force, generating thousands of calls and emails to Governor Cuomo and the DEC. That outcry against the pipeline could not be ignored. And now, without its permit, Cabot is conceding that it won’t be able to start and finish its New York tree-cutting by a March 31st deadline -- a date set to protect migratory bird habitat.  

The Constitution Pipeline would carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania to Canada – cutting a swath of destruction across New York State that would claim 1,000 acres of forests and farms while threatening 277 vulnerable waterways and countless communities.

This fossil fuel monstrosity has been put on hold, but make no mistake: we still urgently need your help to kill it once and for all.

In the weeks ahead, Catskill Mountainkeeper and our allies will be waging a pitched battle in federal court against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission -- the agency that approved this pipeline nightmare. And we’ll be building even more public pressure on the Governor and the DEC to protect both New York and our planet by refusing a permit for this climate-wrecking project.

Please make a special tax-deductible contribution right now to help us build on our momentum and escalate this all-important fight for our environment, our communities, and our climate.

If we don't stand our ground against Big Oil & Gas and their pipeline projects right now, we will be paying a terrible price for decades to come. 

We are more hopeful than ever that, standing shoulder to shoulder, we’re going to Free New York from Fossil Fuels!


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