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Catskill Mountainkeeper is proud to connect New Yorkers to clean, accessible, solar power through community shared solar! Our developer partners, vetted through our Solar Outreach Initiative, offer two different forms of community shared solar--subscription and purchase. In both cases, the panels are side by side with other community members on nearby sunny land instead of on your property. Participants receive a portion of the solar energy produced by the solar farm, which is credited seamlessly to your utility bill each month. You can easily cover 100% of your electricity usage this way, much like traditional solar. Read on for information about community shared solar, and scroll down for links to our developer partners' sites.

  • Community Solar links your utility bill directly to a local solar farm, allowing you to go solar without installing solar panels on your home!
  • You can either subscribe to a solar farm’s energy or purchase your own panels on the solar farm.
  • Your portion of the electricity produced on the solar farm is credited directly to your utility bill each month.
  • Anyone can sign up: renters, homeowners, businesses, non-profits, low-income residents, students, and anyone who pays their utility bill.


Get a monthly subscription to electricity produced (kWhr) from the solar farm at a 10% discount off your current utility rates. Receive locally produced electricity that benefits your community instead of the utility. 


Just like rooftop solar, except the panels are on a community solar farm. Own a section of the panels, receive tax incentiveand rebates, and get energy credited to your bill. While purchasing is more money down, you own the panels, so you save more in the long run.

Delaware River Solar

Delaware River Solar (DRS) is a Community Solar developer based in Callicoon, NY. Its mission is to expand solar energy production in New York State and offer clean, renewable, locally produced power to anyone who wants it, without installing solar panels on your roof or property. DRS has been working hard for two years identifying sites for our solar farms and coordinating with the local communities to ensure solar development is of benefit to everyone - the municipalities, the customers, and the environment. DRS is proud to offer Community Solar across New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) territory and to partner with RenewableNY for this Solarize campaign. You can learn more about DRS from its website.

About DRS' projects:

DRS has three live projects in Sullivan County: Baer Road, Callicoon, NY; Turner Road, Lowman, NY; Sackett Lake Road, Monticello, NY

  • Each of these projects is 2 megawatts and serves approximately 350-400 accounts.
  • Each 2MW projects eliminates 5 million pounds of carbon from the atmosphere EVERY year.
  • In addition customers benefit from a 10% discount off the utility’s monthly electricity rate. Customers received credits on their utility bill (NYSEG and RGE for us). DRS then bills the customer for those credits at 10% less per kwh than they would have paid the utility.
  • DRS has thirteen (13) other projects under construction around the state with completions planned for this year and early next.

Customers can see project updates and sign up at or by calling 845-414-3491 or by email at [email protected].


Ranked among the top 3 commercial solar developers in the country by Solar Power World, Nexamp is leading the transformation to the new energy economy with its integrated approach to community shared solar.  After building over 20 community solar projects already in the Northeast, Nexamp is now bringing the most flexible, equitable, and compelling community solar subscription model, Solarize My Bill, to New York State.

Nexamp aims to eliminate all barriers to community solar, making the environmental and financial benefits of solar accessible to everyone interested. There are no upfront costs and no credit check required to enroll, and no installation on your roof or property. Under Nexamp’s pay-as-you-go program, subscribers are guaranteed a 10% discount on credits to offset their electricity costs. This discount is guaranteed for the duration of your subscription and there is no termination penalty.

Nexamp works with local officials, neighborhood associations, and non-profits to expand and equalize access to clean energy throughout New York—providing financial relief to those who need it and propelling New York State further toward a clean future.  

You can learn more about Nexamp from their website.

Renovous Solar

Renovous Solar offers customers in Central New York and the western portion of the Southern Tier the option to purchase solar panels on their farms. Customers who sign up with Renovous Solar will own a section of panels, receive tax incentives and rebates, and get clean solar energy credited right on their bills. You can learn more about Renovous Solar from its website.

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