Climate, Justice, and Jobs Package Launch

The Climate, Jobs, and Justice Package will rapidly decarbonize New York, make our state healthier and more equitable, ensure a just transition for workers, and help create an accessible green economy for all. The bills individually and collectively advance the goals of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), New York’s landmark 2019 climate law. 

The Climate, Jobs, & Justice Package funds the CLCPA and provides community benefits to expand the state’s climate efforts in a transparent, accountable, and accessible manner.The Climate, Jobs, & Justice Package includes the following four bills: 

  • The Climate and Community Protection Fund
    Creates a fund to ensure sufficient investment to fund the CLCPA. The Act’s core investments would include broad labor, procurement, community benefits, and responsible contracting standards. A further breakdown of the spending is below.
  • Climate Accountability Act
    Provides state agencies with clear guidance and the power to effectively implement the CLCPA, ensure that the energy system is accountable and transparent to the public, and help agencies meet the goal of full decarbonization.
  • Climate Change Superfund Act (2022 - S9417, A10556)
    Makes the state’s worst polluters, major oil companies, pay by collecting a part of the cost of damages that the state’s worst climate polluters caused through harmful climate pollution. 
  • The Invest in Our New York Package
    NY Renews supports the Invest in Our New York (IONY) revenue and spending package, which raises revenue by ensuring that the richest New Yorkers pay their fair share and that the state eliminates wasteful handouts to businesses.


November 16, 2022 at 12:00am - November 17, 2022

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