Between the Groins: The Line is Drawn Now!

Aug 20, 2015 | The Rockaway Times 
Jessica Roff, of Catskill Mountainkeeper and one of our events biggest organizers, was answering many questions on the dangers of LNG off ...



On Sunday August 16th we gathered at the Rockaway Beach shore line to draw a line in the sand! The line was drawn to let Governor Cuomo know that many people on the Rockaway Peninsula and beyond, want him to Veto Port Ambrose, the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) port planned just 24 miles off the shore of the Rockaway peninsula.
We were joined many elected officials, neighbors, civic leaders and representatives from The Rockaway peninsula and beyond.   Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder and Senator Joe Addabbo were on hand to assure us that our voice and our desires for a veto would be made known to Governor Cuomo. Also on hand was Dan Brown of Queens Borough President Melinda Katz office to read a letter from Melinda, supporting our efforts to have the Governor veto Port Ambrose.

Crowd d brown

Our day began on the beach as we went blanket to blanket gathering signatures on petitions asking the Governor to Veto Port Ambrose.  We had a base set up at 91st on the beach with lots of materials and info on LNG and how to contact to Governor. We also had beachgoers sign our huge banner with a message to Governor Cuomo: “CUOMO, VETO PORT AMBROSE.”

Jessica Roff, of Catskill Mountainkeeper and one of our events biggest organizers, was answering many questions on the dangers of LNG off our shores. She spoke of the dangers to our environment that an LNG Port would bring, from the possibility of a massive leak of LNG during the de-liquefying process and dangers of a having massive gas ships the size of the Exxon Valdez and how Port Ambrose would be way too close major shipping channels and JFK airport.

The best question I heard asked was, “Where would these giant tanker ships loaded with LNG go if a Sandy strength hurricane were to hit the planned Port and the Long Island- Rockaway peninsula shoreline?”

Another great question was, “Will Long Island and Rockaway First Responders be funded and trained on how to deal with a potential LNG disaster?”

Unfortunately, folks, these are just a couple of the many questions that no one can seem to answer! Perhaps if you find the time please call the Governor and ask him these tiny little questions, maybe he has the answers. While you’re at it ask him to veto Port Ambrose!

sign in water

A special thanks to all of the sponsors of our amazing event, especially Lola Star, Playland Hotel, Caracas Rockaway and Thai Rock for their super generous donations to help make the event happen. Thanks to Rockaway Wildfire, Sane Energy, Rockaway Beach Surfers association, Catskill Mountainkeeper, The Rockaway Action Center and Friends of Rockaway Beach.

Thank you to Jessica, for loving the Rock so much and all the Volunteers and supporters in DRAWING A LINE IN THE SAND!!!!

If you did not get a chance to sign our huge banner calling on Cuomo to Veto Port Ambrose, which will send to the Governor, please check in with Friends of Rockaway Beach on Face book to see where we will be next. You can sign a message to the Governor.

Call Governor Cuomo and ask him to keep us free from LNG. . . VETO PORT AMBROSE! 518-474-8390


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