Stop the Twin Pipelines and a Flood of Fracked Oil!

epaoilspillsubdivision2.jpgA giant energy corporation, Pilgrim Transportation, wants to build twin pipelines along the NYS Thruway to carry fracked oil from Albany to New Jersey. The pipelines bring the threat of catastrophic spills! Please take action to protect the Hudson River, our drinking water supplies and communities up and down the Catskills. 



Adding insult to injury, Pilgrim applied for construction permits last summer from the New York State Thruway Authority -- without any public disclosure!

We need your immediate help to stop this flagrant attempt to circumvent environmental review and public input.

Please send a message to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) telling it to take over the review of this project, open it to the public and reject these fracked oil pipelines.

The twin pipelines -- 170 miles long -- would carry crude oil south from Albany and gasoline north from New Jersey refineries.

The Thruway Authority should NOT be reviewing an enormous fossil fuel project with far-reaching risks to our state’s environment and our planet’s climate. Only the DEC is equipped to undertake that task, and it must do so immediately.

The Pilgrim pipelines have already been formally opposed by 58 towns in New York and New Jersey that are directly threatened.

Please help us show this company that it can’t hijack the environmental review process for a fossil fuel scheme that will impact six counties and dozens of towns!

Send your message to DEC now!

Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with us in this battle to Free New York from Fossil Fuels.


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