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Help make history by joining us in NYC on September 21st at the People's Climate March to demand our leaders take action to prevent catastrophic climate change. 

Tens of thousands have already pledged to join the march, and in the next 48 hours, we need 10,000 more RSVP's. Click here to sign up for the march and help us make history!...


World leaders are coming to New York City in September to the first of three United Nations global summits on climate action. We know these leaders will not commit to the changes we need to stop climate change.  The anti-fracking community must join all other citizens concerned about global climate change to let our leaders know that fracking equals oil/gas which equals climate change. The international community cannot continue down this unacceptable path, and we have just one month to ensure that the People's Climate March in New York City is the biggest march against climate change yet.

To make this a reality, we're working over the next 48 hours with partners from across the movement to recruit 10,000 new people to commit to joining the march.

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We must end our dependence on fossil fuels, which leads to climate change, drastically altering our atmosphere and weather, from
wind patterns to droughts and flooding, to other extreme weather events.

Fracked “natural gas” is not a clean fuel for our future; it is a dangerous fossil fuel of our past.


In New York, we are fighting fossil fuel development on many fronts. We are fighting against fracking the Marcellus shale, against building the massive infrastructure to transport that gas to new markets, and against the transport of fracked North Dakota oil through our state.

We have felt first hand the direct effects of ignoring climate change when Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee, and then Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on New York State. We continue to feel these effects through more and more local extreme weather; we are all on the frontlines of the climate fight. We must move away from dangerous fossil fuels and toward clean, sustainable, and renewable energy sources. We need to build a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities.

But we can't do this alone. Our world leaders need to take substantial steps to deal locally, nationally, and on a global scale to curtail the effects of climate change on all our lives. 

September 21st, in New York City, is our chance to tell them.

When you join us at the People's Climate March, President Obama and other world leaders will know that we will not allow the fossil fuel industry or politicians to destroy our planet. March with us and you will march in solidarity with:

  • Our friends from and the Climate Justice Alliance;
  • Leading fracking opponents from the 34 states in the U.S. that are standing up to the industry, including climate leaders coming from California;
  • Leaders fighting to stop mountain-top removal for coal;
  • Traditional Kogi Elders from the mountains of South America;
  • Hundreds of indigenous, religious, and spiritual leaders from around the world, who will also be gathering for their own meetings on climate.

Don’t just watch – be a part of history! When the next generation asks where you were on September 21, 2014, say you marched with our friends from frontline affected communities around the world to change the course of history

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