Climate and Community Protection Fund 2023


Climate and Community Protection Fund 

S.5360-A (Harckham, et al.)/A.6263 (Glick, et al.)

New York made major progress when it passed the Climate Action Fund in the 2023 state budget, but the state still needs major new initiatives to address the historic disparities in policy and funding that have harmed low-income communities, as well as predominantly Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. The Climate and Community Protection Fund (CCPF) will move our state toward climate justice and good governance by directing substantial investments to Disadvantaged Communities and providing additional transparency into the jobs created with state funding.


To dramatically increase funding for Disadvantaged Communities, the bill directs 20% of the Climate Action Fund’s Climate Infrastructure Account to a Community Directed Climate Solutions grant program, administered by an Office of Equity for Energy and Climate. The grants program will support projects that reduce greenhouse  gas emissions, energy costs, enhance climate change resilience, reduce local pollution, or that support community ownership and governance of energy infrastructure. Grants will be directed toward constituency-based organizations or tribal governments–the people closest to the problems, who have the most direct solutions. Furthermore, at least 75% of the grant program must support projects in disadvantaged communities, and while up to 25% of the program may be eligible for projects outside the boundary, all projects must benefit a disadvantaged community.


To provide additional transparency, the bill requires employers to report on the jobs that result from a bid or contract supported with funding from the Climate Action Fund. This Plan will allow relevant agencies and the public the information needed to track whether and how the Climate Action Fund is supporting jobs for New Yorkers. 



The Climate and Community Protection Fund (CCPF) amends New York’s recently enacted Climate Action Fund to: increase investment in Disadvantaged Communities through a Community Directed Climate Solutions Fund; provide important information about the jobs supported by the fund; and create the  Office of Equity for Energy and Climate. These initiatives will increase equity in funding, provide transparency on state investments, and make New York a healthier, safer, and more climate resilient state. 

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