how to enjoy Phoenicia in the Catskills

How To Enjoy Phoenicia In The Catskills

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PhoeniciaA small but tranquil area in the Catskill Mountain region in New York is Phoenicia. Located in the northeast area, it has a population of 381 determined by the 2000 census. Its railroad system was one of the first to be developed in the area, making it a vital component of its tourism industry which remains up to this day one of the major movers of its economy. It is a bustling town that remains a very popular destination for many travelers.

There are many ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of Phoenicia, as well as wine and dine at the best restaurants that serve only the best food. Here are some information tat may be of great use as you visit the wonderful town of Phoenicia in the Catskill mountain region.


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