Thank Governor Cuomo for Shared Solar!

On July 16 Governor Cuomo and his Public Service Commission (PSC) announced a new program—shared renewables—to allow millions more New Yorkers to participate in the transition to clean, renewable energy. Thank the Governor for supporting shared renewables today!

New Yorkers who care about clean energy have a lot to celebrate! Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, the Public Service Commission (PSC) will be rolling out a new Shared Renewables Program in the next year to enable millions more New Yorkers to access clean renewable energy. CLICK HERE to thank Governor Cuomo for supporting shared renewables! 

The new program will make it possible for renters, owners of houses in shaded areas, and New Yorkers in multi-unit buildings to participate in the new clean energy economy. Low income New Yorkers are prioritized in the new program making it a major leap towards our goal of 100% renewables for all. Those who were prevented from accessing low cost solar energy because they couldn’t get a loan or didn’t own their own home will now be able to participate in a local solar energy project and receive a credit for their portion of the clean energy produced on their utility bill. 

Please thank Governor Cuomo for supporting renewables for everyone. 

This new program will mean the continued expansion of New York’s green jobs sector, increasing the state’s growing solar economy that, according to The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census, already employs 7,300 New Yorkers. More solar not only translates to more local jobs but also to cleaner, healthier communities. 

We appreciate that hundreds of Catskill Mountainkeeper members who took the time to send a message to Governor Cuomo urging him to take this step, and we’re now asking that you send a thank you. It’s only through our shared commitment, action, and work together that we can build a state run on renewables, not fossil fuels. #100isNow

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