Governor Hocuhul: Protect NY! Sign Our Bills

The clock is ticking. Last night both the Birds and Bees Protection Act and the Village Incorporation Laws were delivered to Governor Hochul. The governor only has until December 23, 2023 to sign or veto each of the bills, so your email today will help demonstrate the widespread support these bills have in the state. Click the links below to send Governor Hochul an email calling on her to sign these critically important policies into law. Even if you've sent an email on these bills already, please send another--this is a key moment in these campaigns, and we need to show the full strength of our support. Looking for more information? Scroll down for a quick primer.

Village Incorporation Bills

These two bills (S.7537/A.7761 and S.7538/A.7754), passed with overwhelming support in both the Senate and Assembly, and they hold the key to wise land use and sustainable development standards for safeguarding the Catskills. Please stand with us, and send an email today, asking Governor Hochul to sign the bills

Currently, New York’s village incorporation law allows for as few as 500 people to secede from a town and set up their own village. All they need is 20% of the qualified voters in the proposed new village to sign a petition OR the owners of  50% of the property in the new territory. The process has minimal oversight and has become a way for people to circumvent established building and zoning codes and environmental regulations. Town officials have no recourse but to allow these secessions, even if they see potential problems. Send an email today, asking Governor Hochul to update this antiquated law and sign the bills. 

Birds and Bees Protection Act

The Birds & Bees Protection Act would eliminate the vast majority of toxic neonicotinoid insecticides entering New York’s environment by prohibiting wasteful and unnecessary neonic uses, and could serve as model legislation for other states. Please tell Governor Hochul to sign the BBPA!

Send your email today

The Governor needs to hear from New Yorkers who care about protecting our natural spaces, clean water, public health, and pollinator populations. Your emails will send the strong message that we’re calling on her to act.

With thanks,

Ramsay Adams, Executive Director

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