For the last 50 years the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) has required federal agencies to assess the environmental impacts 
before making decisions that might negatively affect our natural resources. If an agency wants to permit a gas pipeline, build a toxic incinerator, or build a highway through Native American lands, it must notify the public and give the people an opportunity to comment on the proposed action. But President Trump's administration is planning to gut NEPA by exempting entire categories of projects from review and allowing companies to write their own assessments. This puts our air, water, public health, and communities at risk.

Tell the Trump Administration: Don't Gut NEPA

NEPA is the people's law--it's an essential safeguard that ensures that 
communities have a voice in the projects that would impact their water quality, public health, air quality, and neighborhoods. NEPA empowers citizens to keep overdevelopment and hazardous infrastructure projects in check. By requiring the federal government to notify and provide opportunity to comment to those most impacted by a project, it has saved countless acres of critical habitats and wild lands, prevented serious health impacts and empowered communities to take the future into their own hands.

Act today--stand up for NEPA. Your email will be part of the public record, and will show the administration that the people demand a voice in major projects that put their communities at risk.

NEPA empowers communities by requiring federal agencies to inform and engage the public in decisions that will have an environmental impact and requires our federal agencies to effectively plan and consider the actions to preserve nature, rather than destroy it. NEPA has ensured that many projects, like airports, military complexes and highways have been constructed with environmental protections built in. 

Send decisionmakers an email today; your email will be part of the public record and will show the Trump administration that we demand a voice in major projects that affect our communities. Actions taken under NEPA are required to mitigate environmental harm. It has provided innumerable environmental protections to be incorporated into approved actions.

If NEPA is compromised, so is our air, water quality and public health. Gutting NEPA would rob the public of its right to protect our shared natural resources and public health. Please take action now to stop this reckless proposal


Wes Gillingham,
Associate Director

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