We are Seneca Lake - Crestwood Backs Off Proposal!

Today, New York was met with exciting news! Arlington Storage Co., a subsidiary of Crestwood Midstream Partners, is abandoning controversial plans to expand natural gas storage in salt caverns along Seneca Lake.

Wes_Seneca_Lake_.jpg“The announcement that Crestwood is backing off their proposal to expand natural gas storage, for now, is good news to thousands of New Yorkers. This speaks volumes to the dedication to our land and commitment to a better future that New Yorker's keep in our hearts and our actions,” said, Wes Gillingham.  “With the current Federal giveaway to the Oil and Gas industry, New York stands out as a place where people are making a difference locally against the fossil fuels gang that has national implications. The multiple victories over greedy pipeline proposals and now this is making room for us to invest in a renewable future. The future of New York looks much better today!”  

For a look back at our statement surrounding the protest at Seneca Lake on July 18, 2016 click here.



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