Tell Gov. Cuomo solar should be for EVERYONE

Through our RenewableNY program, we're working to help New York transition to 100% clean energy. Right now, millions of New Yorkers want to “go solar” but can’t because they’re struggling to pay their bills, don’t own their homes, or just have too many shade trees.That’s why we’re asking Governor Cuomo to remove these obstacles through a shared renewables program

Shared renewables will allow every energy customer to be part of local, community-owned solar projects. And not only will all participants be part of the solar revolution, they’ll also get credit on their utility bills for their portion of clean energy produced.

As we move toward that ultimate goal of 100% clean energy, we invite all New Yorkers to participate in this historic shift. WithRenewableNY and our Solarize Hudson Valley and Southern Tier Solar Works campaigns, we are making solar more accessible and affordable with group-purchase discounts. . Because more solar means we are less reliant on dirty fossil fuels and closer to true energy independence.

Please urge Governor Cuomo to make it possible for all New Yorkers to participate in the solar revolution.

Every hour of every day, enough solar energy hits the United States to power the entire country for a year. There has never been a more urgent time to harness this energy and break our addiction to fossil fuels.

We need you to join us as together we create the energy future we want by making sure every New Yorker can be part of the solar revolution.  Thank you.  

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