March 31, 2009, Times Herald Record: Yukiguni Maitake Mushroom lawsuit dropped

Mushroom lawsuit dropped

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Opponents of the Yukiguni Maitake mushroom plant have dropped a lawsuit that was filed against the company and the Town of Mamakating after the Planning Board approved a scaled-back version of the plant.

The Basha Kill Area Association believed the challenge would be tossed out by the state Supreme Court and the organization didn't want to waste money fighting over technical legal points, association President Paula Medley said.

Medley added, however, that the group will continue to apply pressure on the state Department of Environmental Conservation and Delaware River Basin Commission, which still need to issue permits for a plant to go forward on Route 209 just north of Wurtsboro.

"It is a lawsuit that should never have been filed," said Langdon Chapman, attorney for the Planning Board. "It was nothing more than a waste of money for the taxpayers of Mamakating."

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