March 10, 2009: Mid-Hudson News: Sullivan County makes offer to state to run Beaverkill

Sullivan County makes offer to state to run Beaverkill

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MONTICELLO – Sullivan County officials Tuesday suggested to the State Department of Environmental Conservation that the county take over the operation and management of the Beaverkill Campground, which the state has announced will close this spring.

The county proposed to operate the facility in much the same way as the current arrangement with the Palisades Parks Commission to operate and manage Lake Superior Park.

County Legislator Elwin Wood, in whose district the campground lies, said he is pleased that “through creative thinking and some initiative from the county legislature, the DEC is willing to consider a lease with the county to keep the facility open.

The county would not seek to take title to Beaverkill Campground and the long-term ownership and improvement options would remain with the DEC. The county’s proposal does not seek any state funding to run the facility and the county expects to break even or generate modest income through its management. Sullivan would hope to open the campground on May 1 as been the tradition.

Supporters of the campground, including Catskill Mountainkeeper and local chamber of commerce in Roscoe and Livingston Manor, have said the region benefits from the tourism dollars brought in by people who stay at the campground.

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