Hunt Country Wine Donates 10% of Sales to Mountainkeeper

15134635_10153831075016599_1168009061979713693_n.pngOur good friends at Hunt Country Vineyards in New York’s Finger Lakes region are an outstanding example of how a successful business can be run in a sustainable way. And, through December 31st, Hunt Country is generously donating 10% of the sales from its Wine Provisions to Catskill Mountainkeeper.

This seventh generation family farm produces its wines through a process of constant experimentation, innovation and improvement in an environment that reduces their carbon footprint through award-winning geothermal and solar energy systems and large-scale efforts to enrich soil health.  Twenty-five acres of the farm has been certified for organic produce, and their land provides vital habitat for bees, American Kestrels, and other diverse wildlife and plants. 

When you purchase from the Vineyard's special wine provisions as holiday gifts for family and friends (or for yourself!) Hunt Country is generously donating 10% of the sales to Catskill Mountainkeeper. These funds will help our team fight for a healthy and sustainable future for all our kids and grandkids. 

To top it off, shipping is FREE.

The Hunt family -- who were great Mountainkeeper partners in the fight to secure New York State’s fracking ban -- is setting a powerful example of how to keep carbon out of the atmosphere and positively impact the local community and economy. 

“The Hunt family’s wine is excellent,” says Wes Gillingham, Mountainkeeper's program director. “Just like their commitment to the land, water, and air in New York.”

Ramsay Adams, Mountainkeeper executive director, affirms that Hunt Wines are exceptional and is sure you'll be glad you chose to buy them as holiday gifts for family or friends, or for your own celebrations. And when you do, a full 10% of sales will come to Mountainkeeper and support all the work you care about.  

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