complete opposition to drilling

I feel like I'm living in a dream world. What is wrong with you people? All you people who call yourselves environmentalists, conservationists etc etc etc? Am I hearing this correctly? You want a moratorium on drilling in the Catskills? Thats akin to saying hey we are going to remove your genitals, but we will give you 120 days to try and figure out how best to regulate it... 

REGULATE IT? REALLY????? We should be standing up and railing loudly against the destruction of our home. BP was regulated by the goverment. Wall Street was regulated by the government, housing is regulated, the auto industry is regulated. Planes still crash and oil wells still leak apparently with all the regulations firmly in place. What aren't you getting? I live on 50 acres of what is paradise to me. Look around. It will all be unlivable. Water undrinkable. Our lands will be worth their weight in leases. My land is worth its weight in souls. My family, who sacrificed to get here and carve out a living. I hunt these lands, fish these waters. All around me is the sound of life. It will all change to the sound of trucks, drills and probably evacuation sirens. I oppose all and any type of drilling that puts this fragile ecosystem in danger. Would you be happier if you were granted 280 days before your genitals were cut off? I for one find this whole assault on our environment unacceptable. We need to stop this thing. For you land owners who are selling out to the Company... Is it really worth it? We all need to band together and fight this tooth and nail. Just say NO! I don't see the kind of response that I watch on the show "Whale Wars". We need people like that. Moratoriums are NOT the same as BANNING this ecohazard from killing us slowly. And where the hell is Al Gore? the Catskills "have a fever"Al. Where are the Save he Dolphin people? save a tree/save a freaking watt people? There not here I can tell you that. Stand up people show em you got balls. This is our land/property/environment/universe it is where we live eat and breath. Raise our families. Work, live and pass on. It is after all, our home. I am interested in hearing from everyone on this. God Bless..........John

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