We Demand a Full EIS of Dominion's “New Market" Project

I, the undersigned, object strenuously to FERC’s wholly inadequate environmental assessment in support of the Dominion corporation’s “New Market Project,” which would carry fracked gas through an aging, 50-year-old pipeline network. I demand that your agency go back and produce a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that documents all of the potential, far-reaching impacts of this project – direct, indirect and cumulative – on our health, our environment and our climate, as well as the alternatives. 

A thorough study is sure to reveal that increasing the quantity of fracked gas in this aging network will increase the risks of spills and leaks. In addition, new and expanded compressor stations will release dangerous pollutants into our waterways and air and pump climate-destroying gases into our atmosphere. 

I call on you to undertake a complete EIS and open up public hearings to the citizens and elected officials of the neighborhoods and towns that would be directly affected by this dangerous project.  


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