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Welcome to Watershed Wednesday! Each Wednesday from now until March 30, Mountainkeeper will send out reminders and sample comments to make it easy for you to urge the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) to say no to fracking and drilling activities in the Delaware River watershed. There's no limit to the number of comments you submit.

Since today is Valentine's Day, we're focusing on love; our love of clean, pure, uncontaminated water. Water that hasn't been poisoned by fracking wastewater. Please tell the DRBC to ban fracking wastewater in the watershed.

TODAY: Submit a comment to the DRBC. Tell the commissioners: fracking wastewater cannot be regulated in the watershed--it must be banned.

December 19, 2017

Livingston Manor, NY – In response to Governor Cuomo and Comptroller DiNapoli’s announcement that New York will cease new investments in oil and gas companies and develop a plan to invest the Common Fund in clean energy technologies, Catskill Mountainkeeper issued the following statement, attributable to Ramsay Adams, Executive Director.

"Governor Cuomo's announcement that he and Comptroller DiNapoli will cease investing New York's pension in dirty, dangerous fossil fuels is exactly the type of leadership we need. It sends a strong message to the industry that we will not continue to support companies that are killing us and destroying our climate. Now New York needs to take the next bold move: funding the future by charging polluters for their emissions and investing revenues in our communities and renewable energy.


From today's Times Herald Record

“There was a barrier to community solar in the past because you couldn’t get any sort of financial incentive for participating,” said Katherine Nadeau of the Livingston Manor nonprofit Catskill Mountainkeeper, which is helping locals sign up with solar farms. “If you produced more solar energy than you used, there was no way to sell the energy back to the grid.”

To learn more and sign up to go solar, visit renewableny.org


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