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email_sidebar_lng_victory_300_v2.pngGovernor Cuomo has officially vetoed the Port Ambrose Liquefied Natural Gas project proposed just 19 miles off the shore of Long Beach.  Please take a moment to thank Governor Cuomo for his leadership on climate, for saying no to the fossil fuel industry, and for choosing the path toward our renewable energy future. Send your message!

FNY_1.5x1.5_2.pngA flood of fracked oil is coming…Energy giants want to send torrents of fracked oil and gas into New York by pipeline, train and barge. Help us fight back and stop these dangerous schemes. Please DONATE NOW!

Big Oil and Gas wants to construct the Constitution pipeline through our state to carry fracked gas from PA to the highest paying markets. If built this pipeline will destroy acres of forests, clear cut over 700,000 trees, and cross over 277 waterways. TAKE ACTION to stop it!

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