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We need your immediate help to stop the Constitution Pipeline, a reckless venture which would carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania to Canada by carving a path of destruction through the heart of New York State. Governor Cuomo can use his powers under the Clean Water Act to stop this attack on our state’s environment. The pipeline is about to pass a key regulatory hurdle, please call the Governor at 212-681-4580 and tell him to Stop the Constitution Pipeline!

Big Oil and Gas wants to construct the proposed Constitution pipeline through our state to carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania to the highest paying markets. If built this pipeline will destroy over a 1,000 acres of forests and fertile farms, clear cut over 700,000 trees, and cross over 277 waterways in upstate New York. Tell Governor Cuomo and the DEC to do its job and deny the 401 Water Quality Certificate and Stop the Pipeline!

Breaking news! The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has completed all the review steps, and high-volume hydraulic fracturing is now banned in New York State. The ban was made official with today's release of the state's Final Findings Statement (FFS).

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