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In case you missed it in all the hubub around the state budget, the Catskills Region received $7.35m in funding!!!  These resources will go to fight invasive species, improve trails and outdoor recreation, protect our vibrant forests, and support our communities.  Our thanks goes out to Governor Cuomo, the New York State Senate and Assembly, and to all of you--our work together made this possible.

Today’s a hard day. Our president just released an executive order that puts our lives at risk so that his cronies in the fossil fuel industry can make another buck—he’s giving away our clean air, clean water, and hard fought climate change regulations for profit.

But we have an opportunity to fight climate change here at home. With one phone call, you can make a difference—call Governor Cuomo and tell him to keep fighting back against President Trump’s lunacy by keeping climate programs and funding in the New York State budget (1-518-474-8390).  

1280px-Pipes_for_keystone_pipeline_in_2009.jpgToday the oil and gas industry is trying to run roughshod across the U.S., disregarding our health and environment, the sovereign rights of Indigenous nations, farmers' interests, and the voices of millions of Americans who care about our climate. We are coming to you with a call to action, both on a national fight, and one here at home. 

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