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Assembly Holds Up Their End on Climate Change
Catskill Mountainkeeper Commends Passing Climate and Community Protection Act
Senate Continues to Kick Bill Down the Road


Statement on the passage of the Climate and Community Protection Act by Wes Gillingham, Associate Director, Catskill Mountainkeeper


Please sign our petition to tell the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) to ban fracking in one of the most critical water resources in our country. 

The Delaware River runs through five states, including 42 counties and 838 municipalities. It provides drinking water to over 17 million people, including two of the nation's largest cities -- New York City and Philadelphia. 

Statement from Ramsay Adams, Executive Director, Catskill Mountainkeeper.

Today President Trump announced his decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement. This is a reckless international disgrace. Change begins at home, which is why Governor Cuomo's executive order is so critically important.  Making it state policy to reduce emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, and directing all state agencies to develop implementation plans in the next nine months is the perfect place to start. New York's economy is huge - our GDP was $1.405 trillion in 2014 making it one of the largest in the world. Climate policy here will help drive policy nationally.

Even as we laud today's bold moves, there is always more to be done. We urge the Governor and the Legislature to pass legislation to compliment this order and ensure home rule supersedes any weakened national environmental policies under this administration.


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