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Clean air, clean water, access to the outdoors, and healthy food are the backbone of children’s health. They’re also our core values at Catskill Mountainkeeper and the driving force behind all of our campaigns. We work with each of you and all of our organizational partners every day to bring these goals to life. But we can't be successful if our elected officials don't share our values. So I’m asking you to do one thing: vote.

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HeatSmart Ulster•Sullivan (HeatSmart U•S), a state-supported community campaign to help our local home and business owners increase energy efficiency and choose clean heating and cooling systems. Read Catskill Mountainkeeper's press release launching our campaign!

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a hard-hitting report earlier this month that left no room for interpretation: unless we drastically change course in the next 12 years, we will lock in the worst climate change scenarios. We cannot continue building out climate-wrecking fracking operations and infrastructure. And we cannot allow our leaders to commit us to a dangerous fossil fuel past: we need bold leadership that moves us to our renewable future.

That’s why we need you to sign our petition calling on Governor Cuomo to vote for a complete ban on fracking and all its related activities in the Delaware River Basin.

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