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Bomb trains carrying massive amounts of fracked oil from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota and tar sands from Canada, are cutting across New York State on the way to the Port of Albany and nearby transfer yards, and then down the Hudson River corridor to East Coast refineries.This boom in crude oil transportation is raising serious public safety and environmental concerns due to the extreme volatility of Bakken crude, the sheer volume of oil being transported, and the poor safety record of the type of tank cars used to carry most of this oil. 

These trains are called “bomb trains” for a reason: Fracked oil is highly volatile, containing a toxic and explosive mix of butane, ethane and propane. When one of these trains derails, it can create a devastating fireball that is capable of destroying an entire town and killing scores of people— as happened in Lac-Megantic, Quebec in July 2013. 

The Oil and Gas Industry is Invading New York – #1 in a series

Catskill Mountainkeeper is calling New York’s attention to an unfolding crisis as the fossil fuel industry tries to turn New York into an oil and gas state.  We must stop the numerous oil and gas infrastructure projects that are in various stages of proposal and construction that represent a grave danger to our environment and our health.

Most New Yorkers are unaware that the oil and gas industry is trying to increase our dependence on fossil fuels by investing billions of dollars to construct massive infrastructure projects to transport, store, and use oil and gas in New York. Our state is in danger of becoming a superhighway for the transport of these fuels from North Dakota, other states and Canada, much of it on its way to refineries in New Jersey and lucrative overseas markets. New Yorkers will pay a high price for having fossil fuels traveling through our backyards, in threats to our environment and adverse effects on our health from toxic pollution, poisonous spills, and catastrophic explosions. Building infrastructure for dirty fossil fuels is absolutely the wrong strategy for New York and our country. We must stop new fossil fuel development to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, and we must invest in renewable energy.

email_sidebar_constitution_rise_from_dead.pngJust four months ago, you and I won a dramatic victory when New York State dealt an apparent death blow to the Constitution Pipeline by denying it a crucial water quality certification. But the Constitution Pipeline Company LLC -- the energy giant behind this fossil fuel monstrosity -- will not let the project die. The company has just filed suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals, challenging not only the State’s decision but its very right to stop the pipeline.

Catskill Mountainkeeper has moved swiftly to intervene in this pivotal case and ensure that New York State’s historic decision is upheld. Please make a special tax-deductible contribution right now to help us wage this all-important fight for our environment, our communities, and our climate.

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