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November 15, 2018

As economic pressures mount, Catskills’ farms are threatened with closure. FarmHearts, a fund to support family farms, steps in to fill the gaps and the community rallies to support.

Livingston Manor, NY – Catskill Mountainkeeper released a new video about the urgent crisis facing Catskills family farms.  Every day, our region’s small farmers face an uphill battle to produce products sustainably. These farmers are unable to compete with industrial megafarms, have been abandoned by the agricultural co-ops that are supposed to protect them, and are crippled by a broken federal milk pricing system--the tragic result is that many of our small farms are being driven out of business. Mountainkeeper produced the video to build support for a critical new resource to help farmers succeed: the FarmHearts fund.


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Clean air, clean water, access to the outdoors, and healthy food are the backbone of children’s health. They’re also our core values at Catskill Mountainkeeper and the driving force behind all of our campaigns. We work with each of you and all of our organizational partners every day to bring these goals to life. But we can't be successful if our elected officials don't share our values. So I’m asking you to do one thing: vote.

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