Tell the NYS Legislature to pass a moratorium on gas drilling using hydrofracking


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Subject: Tell the NYS Legislature to pass a moratorium on gas drilling using hydrofracking
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Catskill Mountainkeeper Action Alert

June 15, 2010



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The New York State Legislature is finally starting to take action to slow up the rush to permit gas drilling using hydrofracking in New York State.
There are bills before the legislature to impose a moratorium on the process.  
The strongest bill and the one we would like to see passed, is the Englebright/Addabbo Bill, which would impose a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for the extraction of natural gas or oil until 120 days after the EPA reports on its Congressionally mandated study of the effect of hydrofracking on water quality.
There is also the Thompson Bill that would impose a one-year moratorium.
Both bills are being sent to the Rules Committee that will meet this Thursday, June 17 – a step that will move the bills towards a vote.
While a one-year moratorium is less than what we want, it would be a start, and would give us the opportunity to keep pushing to protect New York.  We are making progress.  Through our activism we have forced the New York Legislature to wake up, take notice and move toward action.  
Here’s what you can do:
Sign the petition in support of the Englebright/Addabbo Bill that has been set up by the office of Malcolm A. Smith, Chairman of the Rules Committee. Please call 518-455-2701 and tell them that you want to sign their petition in support of the bill.  It takes moments to make the call.  All they will ask you is for your name and where you live.
Call or email the Senate leadership to tell them that they can’t go home without passing a moratorium bill and that you prefer the Englebright/Addabbo Bill.  Here’s who to contact:

Malcolm A Smith – Chair    518-455-2701  [email protected]
Jeffrey D. Klein                    518-455-3595  [email protected]  
Pedro Espada, Jr.              518-455-3395  [email protected]
Ruth Hassell-Thompson    518-455-2061  [email protected]
John Sampson                   518-455-2788  [email protected] 

We are relentlessly fighting this fight and need your help!

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