Lease Termination Letter

Sample Notice Letter for Termination of a Gas Lease


Your name

Your address
Today’s date

Gas company name

Gas company’s CURRENT address


Tax map ID No.:
Town of _______________, _________________County, New York

Dear Sir/Madam:

(Start here if more than one lessor signed the lease.)
I write on behalf of myself and fellow lessors: (list names here)___________________who each have authorized me to write this letter and make the demands contained herein below. As your records indicate, collectively we are the lessors in this now terminated lease.

(Start here if only one signature is on the lease)
I write to remind you of your obligation under New York General Obligations Law § 15-304 (1) (Forfeiture and cancellation of oil, gas or mineral land leases), to send me the required “document in recordable form canceling the lease as of record in the county where the leased land is situated.”

This lease was signed on (date)____________, and therefore was terminated by its own terms, on (date)_______________. Since you have failed to meet this statutory obligation within the 30-day period in § 15- 304 (1), we/I hereby exercise our/my rights under § 15-304 (2) and are/am SERVING YOU WITH NOTICE that:

1. This lease was terminated by its own terms on (date) ________________.

2. You are obligated to send me the cancellation document mandated by § 15-304 (1).

3. If such cancellation document/release is not received within 30 days of your receipt of this Notice, please be further advised, that pursuant to § 15-304 (2) (a), the lease will be terminated and no longer in effect.

4. Further, as required by § 15-304 (2) (a), the following information is being provided:

The lessee is: (gas company name and address here) _________________________________________________________________.

The lessors are: (names and current addresses) _________________________________________________________________.

(letter writer’s name and address) __________________________________________________________ is giving this NOTICE, as one of the lessors, with the authorization of the other lessors.

The leased premises are located in the Town of ________________, County of ___________________, State of NY; tax parcel ID #_______________, which is a parcel of _____ acres.

(State the leased premises are not in a unit if they are not in a spacing unit.)

(State that there are no oil or gas wells on the leased premises if there are none.)

The lease was executed on (date)_____________.

The lease was terminated on (date) _____________ due to the provision of the lease.

As noted, all correspondence in response to this Notice should be sent to me at the address at the beginning of this letter, and also contained above. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


(letter writer’s name here)

cc: (other lessors names here)